Networking feminism in Mormon culture since 1991
Mormon Feminists have been networking inside and outside of the faith,
since the beginnings of Mormonism. In each generation, visionary women found ways
to connect, communicate and collaborate on mutual needs, goals and work.
Mormon Feminist Network emerged in 1991 as a way for progressive women
to link their work, and soon began connecting feminists on the Internet as MoFemNet.
MoFemNet sponsors this web page, and email forums, and public events ~
lectures, speakers, panels, films, socials, workshops, commemorations, conferences.

Mapping the diversity of Mormon women
Mormon Feminist Network is an Internet organization that provides resources relating
to women's issues and feminism in Mormonism, accessible to all on the Internet.
We explore intersections between women's studies, Mormon studies and religious studies.
MoFemNet maps the larger landscape of Mormon feminism in all its variety--
from LDS to Mormon, conservative to liberal, traditional to postmodern,
orthodox to heretic, serious to satirical.
MoFemNet honors the real diversity of women in Mormon tradition.

Linking generations and honoring all walks of life
Mormon Feminist Network includes the full spectrum of women's roles ~
homemaker, career woman, full-time mom, professional, married, single, or self-employed.
We connect women across situations and generations,
to foster mutual benefit between diverse perspectives and experience.
We honor women's agency to choose what is best for themselves,
and respect the efforts made by women (and men) from all walks of life
with appreciation for all.

Networking feminism in Mormon culture since 1991

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